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Marla Pankratz







Dear Burcham Families:

The staff, students and parents of Burcham Elementary School work cooperatively to provide the best possible education for each of our students.  We are dedicated to providing a learning environment that fosters mutual respect, meets diverse needs, expects responsibility, and leads our students to achieve academically and develop into self-directed learners.

Our learning environments are motivating and encourage our learners to challenge their abilities and embrace independent life-long learning.  We design instruction to include learning opportunities that are hands-on, engaging, and lead students to think critically, solve problems, and make personal connections.

Burcham Elementary values the home-school partnership and encourages regular teacher and parent communications.  Parents are their children’s first teachers.  Parents are important to the school success and offer the school support by valuing the educational experience and guiding their children.  Parents are welcome at Burcham Elementary and are encouraged to participate in various activities.  Please call the office to learn more about opportunities to participate.

Burcham Elementary is here to serve the needs of our students, families and community to make our children’s early years of school nurturing, exciting, productive years when children learn to love learning.  Call the office any time you have a question, concern, or praise about our school.  We are happy to serve the Weatherford community.


Marla Pankratz, Principal




Burcham Elementary School

Middle of the Year Testing

December 4th-13th

Last Day to Checkout Library Books

Thursday, December 12th

Kindergarten Music Program

Thursday, December 12th


Wednesday, December 18th

Pre-K Celebrate the Family

Thursday, December 19th

Winter Parties in KG, TK/1 and 1st Grades

Friday, December 20th

Winter Break - NO SCHOOL

December 23rd-January 3rd

Classes Resume

Monday, January 6th

Pre-K to Nursing Home

Thursday, January 9th • Beck & Hunt

Staff Development Day - NO SCHOOL

Monday, January 20th


Due to a severe airborne allergy to bananas, we do not serve bananas at Burcham Elementary.  We respectfully ask that no students or staff bring bananas for snack or in lunches.

Burcham Elementary School

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