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Daily Schedule


Mrs. Hawkins’ Pre-K Schedule


7:45-8:00             Greeting/Classroom Routines/Arrival Centers

        8:10 -8:30            Tardy Bell/Office Announcements/Library        

8:30-9:45             Group Time/Teacher Table/Centers

*9:30-10:00*        Rotations on Thursday-Counseling/Science

9:45-9:55             Restroom Break

9:55-10:00            Line up for Specials

10:00-10:30          Specials (PE, STEM, Music)

10:30-10:45          Calendar

10:45-10:55          Restroom/Wash Hands For Lunch 

10:55-11:21            Lunch

11:21-11:55            Recess (Kinder playground) 

11:55-12:30           Restroom, Storytime

12:30-1:15             Rest time

1:15-2:00              Clean up Nap/Free Centers/Bathroom

2:00-2:15              Recess

2:15-2:30              Snack

2:30-2:40             Brain Break/Circle Time

2:40-2:50             Dismiss Bus, Daycare, Siblings     

2:50-3:00             Car Rider Dismissal


*Schedule may need to be adjusted after school starts, to better meet the needs of our classroom.


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