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Saira Marrufo

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Educational History:

I graduated from a small school called Washita Heights High School in Corn, Oklahoma. My class was the last to graduate from this school as it shut down that same year in 2010. It was unfortunate but I was very thankful that I had the privilege to attend and graduate from such a great school. After this, I went on to Southwestern Oklahoma State University where I spent about five years obtaining two degrees. One degree was in Early Childhood Education and the other was in Spanish. Although it took me a bit longer to finish college with these, I think that both degrees will be very beneficial to my teaching career.

Current Position:

I was beyond blessed last year and was able to finish out my “Teacher Candidacy” in my own classroom! I started out the term in Mrs. Hunt’s Pre-K classroom here at Burhcam last fall and transitioned to my own first grade classroom in December. It was quite the challenge to enter a classroom mid-year but I would not have had it any other way as I learned so much! I had a great support system with everyone at Burcham and all the  first grade teachers who made the year end quite well. I look forward to starting this year fresh and get to meet my new batch of students! Thankfully, I know I can continue to count on all the wonderful teachers here to support me and have another wonderful year.

Family Information:

My family is very important to me and I am so blessed to have them live near by! I am fortunate to be the eldest of four  in my family. They all live in Corn and I love to visit them often. My two brothers both attend SWOSU and my sister is a senior in high school at Corn Bible Academy. We are pretty close and am glad that my family supports me so much with my career. I know that I would not have been as successful without them! I also have one dog named Diamond and I absolutely love him! He is half wolf and half malamute so he is rather large but as sweet as can be. 

Personal Information:

I am so excited about this school year and I hope that my students will enjoy learning as much as I do! The Lord has blessed me with such love and passion for teaching young students to be the best that they can be and learn all that they can. I hope to push my students to accomplish all they can and to remember to never give up! It is important that students continue to love school at a young age so that they will enjoy it as time goes on. I have made it my goal to do all I can so that my students learn in a variety of ways and do so while having fun.

When I am not at school, I love to do many things outdoors. I enjoy hiking, kayaking and fishing. I basically just love being outdoors when it isn't’t terribly hot! I also love basketball. My favorite team is, of course, Thunder! Besides watching them, I do like to play basketball every once in awhile. I hope to instill the enjoyment of being active to my students as I feel that it is beneficial to us all.

Saira Marrufo

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