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About Physical Education Mrs. Koper

Why Fitness?

"Fitness has to do with the quality of life, not the quantity."

"Fitness does indeed give us those qualities necessary for leading the good life.  We acquire zest and vitality to face the day and its tasks with confidence and enthusiasm.  We also produce creative energy, which enables us to be free and spontaneous in problem solving.  Fitness opens up the circuits in the amazing storage-and-retrieval system that is our brain.  And it gives us another form of energy, the willpower that comes with discipline."

-Dr. George Sheehan, M.D.   

Hello Burcham Parents and Students:

I am Stephanie Koper, BURCHAM ELEMENTARY'S physical education and health teacher.  I am so excited to begin this 2018-19 school year with you!  We are definitely going to be moving and having fun!

Here are a few facts about me. . .I have a very active family.  

I love to run!!!  Running is my passion.  It gives me peace and energy at the same time.  I have, also, rediscovered my PLAY!  (See August's Newsletter for more information about PLAY!)  I am loving every sweaty minute of my "Body Pump" & "R.I.P.P.E.D." classes.  

My husband and I have two amazing daughters.  Aspynn will be student teaching this Fall in Elementary Education.  She is a very Creative Artist and enjoys Photography and Horseback Riding.  Makynna is a Sophmore at SWOSU.   Makynna shares my love of running.  (She is a State Champion in Track for the Weatherford Eagles and she All-Stated in XC.  She has broken the school record in the 800 meter run and her relay team has broken multiple school records.)  

We love playing all types of sports, games and activities.

We are truly BLESSED!

I am looking forward to getting to know each and everyone of my students this year.  

Yours in Health,  Stephanie Koper

Stephanie Koper

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